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  • Are you still operating?
    Yes and no. We encourage everyone to take a look at our appeals page for paused appeals that will re-open once restrictions are lifted and we feel its safe enough to carry on. This means you can continue to knit for project but you will need to keep your items to one side until we begin sending items out again. Wool collections are still operating & we are still sending out our merchandise.
  • Can anyone join in?
    Yes. Anyone who is capable of knitting can join in with the cause. Please feel free to subscribe to our mailing list on our website, follow us on social media accounts or visit our website regularly for updates on appeals & wool collection points.
  • What do you need?
    Cardigans Blankets (bigger or smaller) Hats Bonding Squares Teddy Bears Memory bags But please feel free to get creative.
  • Where can i find the wool patterns?
    You can find the wool patterns either on our facebook or in our 'knit for us' page.
  • Where do i get wool?
    We have lots of wool collection points available to collect wool from, even during the current situation. Just head to our Wool Collection page. This wool is funded by our just giving page, for knitters who want to help who may not be able to afford to buy wool. Pssst....We are currently looking into the possibility of selling wool on our website so people can have easy access to it - so stay tuned!
  • How do i donate wool?
    You can donate wool to us by dropping your wool off to our wool collection points across the uk.
  • Can I crochet?
    Most hospitals are reluctant to take crochet items because of the risk of tiny fingers getting caught in the holes, if you can crochet with no holes this is fine. Baby banks however, will accept all items.
  • What are bonding Squares?
    Bonding squares are used by mums whose babies are in a neonatal unit. Each mum is given two squares, one is kept with baby & one is kept on mums body, every 12 hours they are swapped.... They help mum & baby to bond by smell in cases where they can't physically touch. They are very important.
  • What are cannula mittens?
    Cannula mittens help protect the babies who have a cannula fitted; ensuring they don't scratch, pull, or cause any discomfort for the babies. They can also provide a calming influence to the parents.
  • What are traffic light hats?
    The traffic light hats are used as a visual aid for the midwifery and neonatal teams in hospitals, to easily identify babies that may need a little more help or care within the first few hours. So, they are very important!
  • What is a baby bank?
    Baby banks work closely with families in need. Families can be in all kinds of situations where they need help, disasters, flooding, fleeing from violence, unexpected premature births and many more. Baby banks are there to help these families with clothes and other essentials for their babies. Becoming a new parent is hard enough without the worry of not being able to dress your new bundle of joy.
  • Where should I post my items?
    We have lots of regular requests for items from various different places. These requests are on the 'appeals' page on site & in an facebook album titled ‘current requests’ and can also be found pinned to the bottom of this post. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS CLOSED AT THE MOMENT DUE TO SAFETY RESTRICTIONS ENFORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT. You can keep updated when they re-open following our facebook, checking on the website or subscribing to our emailing list.
  • I can't knit. How else can i help?
    There are many ways to help the project! Just by liking our social media and sharing our posts you help the cause. However, if you want to do something more substancial, you can donate through our justgiving page,, or purchase some WBP merch from our store! You can buy our merch on our website store or on the SMALL THINGS IN LIFE ebay store. PS Don’t forget to buy your Warm Baby Project Keyring! They are available for £2.99 each, with postage available for 79p each, which is just the price of a large 2nd class letter stamp, for our far and wide supporters! Local Collection will also be available on these, if you are able to collect from our Bury St Edmunds or Saffron Walden wool points.
  • What do i send my items in?
    We ask if possible, for knitters to send their items in ziplocked clear labelled bags, which similar items grouped together. This makes it easier for the recipients to sort and orangise, therefore quicker for the items to be recieved by those who need them. However, we understand this is not always possible and therefore we just ask to send how you wish. Whether that be carrier bags within boxes or parcel bags, or wrapped tissue paper in mailing bags or boxes. It's up to you! But please remember to include a note saying you have been knitting on behalf of WBP.
  • What's a mystery knit?
    Just for fun! This is something we have newly started doing with our keen knitters to keep them busy inbetween knitting for our appeals! We announce the pattern but you won't know the final knit result until you've finished knitting! We then share our creations with each other on our facebook page - it's just a bit of fun!
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