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Unless featured below, some specific appeals may be closed at this time.
'Mini' appeals can be found on our Facebook page.  
Please see our latest updates regarding our appeals & requests...


If you are new to the page and maybe haven’t heard of a ‘mystery knit’ before. We will be linking the patterns below, but you won't know what it will look like until you reach the end, so it’s a complete surprise! Please don’t post photos of your blankets until we have revealed it to everyone so no ones mystery is ruined! But please do send us photos of your work privately, as we do love to see! (We wont reveal it for a few weeks to give everyone a chance to complete!)


Our Mystery knit patterns are available for free however, we are hoping that those who are able will be able to donate £2 to our just giving page as a donation for the fun of the mystery pattern!..

On our first mystery knit this turned out to be a great way for us to fundraise! Most of our patterns require around 150-200gms of wool, £2 would enable us to buy 2 balls of wool for a collection point, which would enable another knitter to be able to knit this blanket who may not be able to afford to buy yarn. This will work like a suggested donation, or an honesty box. So if you are unable to donate, or simply don't want to, you don't have to, we'd just love to use this opportunity to raise some money for our lovely project... then we can keep bringing you new mystery knits! 

Mystery Knit #2

Mystery Pattern 2 donations have kept rolling i, so blown away by all your amazing support (as always!!)

So far the mystery pattern 2 donations have raised £800!

A HUGGGE warm thank you from all of us at WBP to the super talented Caitlin Gray, who made another amazing pattern for everyone to be able to enjoy! 


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