If you're in need of some wool for your WBP pieces, take a look at our national wool collection points!

We've recently been overwhelmed with the sheer amount of individuals who are offering to set up collection points, and we cannot thank you enough! 


If you need any knitting guides, we have plenty on our Facebook & now on here

And if you aren't a WBP knitter yet but you love knitting, you could be knitting for a cause!

Read more about becoming a WBP knitter here. 


We will post an updated list of more collection points as soon as they’re all up and running! But for now, please refer to the map for the updated list!

If you’d like to see more collection points please donate to our just giving page, as we can’t do this without your support.

Don’t forget you can also donate wool to these trunks, so if you have any yarn you don’t need anymore, or want to share with other local knitters please donate! 


How can i donate wool? To donate wool, you can either - donate some money towards purchasing our wool through the Just Giving site,  or you can drop wool to our wool collection points listed below!


Please remember that all wool is kindly donated by supporters in the forms of both wool donations & money donations to purchase wool. If you would like to donate wool or fund our wool purchases, please see our ways to help page or scroll to the bottom of this page. 

We do try to keep the collection points fully stocked, however in the event we are out - we recommend checking your local charity & craft stores!

Once you've got some wool to hand, head to our become a knitter page or our facebook page for how to become a a WBP knitter & easy follow knitting designs. Don't forget to check what pieces we are currently requesting on our Appeals page.

"Thank you so so much from Cohen’s Box

List of people who have sent items (sorry if I have missed anyone)

The items are beautiful and will be greatly appreciated

We have received over 200 blankets and bonding squares, I am in the process of washing & putting them into sandwich bags ready for the boxes. I will send pictures when I’m done - you are all incredible."

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