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Since The Warm Baby Project was set up in April 2018, we've helped numerous hospitals, baby banks & individuals across the country by shipping thousands of knitted pieces. We have gone from a single knitter knitting away for just one Hospital, to over 80 knitters knitting for over 20 hospitals (and counting.) 


Each day, our donations make an unimaginable amount of impact upon people's lives; babies are able to be kept warm, parents are met with support & reassurance, whilst hospitals are relieved from the stress of not having enough supplies.

Below we have a few touching stories that our overwhelmed recipients have sent to us over the years.

Please note, some of the recipients have been kept anonymous for privacy reasons.

Please be kind and respectful to the stories shared. 

Gemma S

Thank you everyone for your congratulations but our little terror chops is 1 and a half now 💖. Looking at him now you'd have no idea he was ill at 1 day old, or that he needed an op at 10 months. He's as fit as fiddle thanks to the nurses and doctors of our wonderful NHS.

I honestly can't say thank you enough to all the lovely people who knit these mitts. Having your newborn taken away and having a cannula put in is so upsetting and worrying and then seeing the thing hanging out their tiny hand makes you petrified to touch them as you worry about hurting this tiny bundle who you already love to the moon and back. It really makes it hard to bond. People said he'd be fine but the fear was constant. That little purple mitt made a HUGE difference. Hiding the cannula away made me a little less distressed and it made it easier to bond with him and give him all the cuddles he needed. But what was best was knowing someone, somewhere, made that little mitt with love for a baby who needed it. It may be a tiny mitt but the impact it made was huge! 

So thank you to everyone who knits these. You are awesome 🥰 xxx

Gorgeous baby Freddie was born weighing just 3lb 11oz with nothing tiny enough to wear! Freddie was given lots of lovely knitted items to keep him warm from WBP. Freddie is now 13 weeks old and weighs 11lb 😍💙

Carey S

Here is baby Sebastian with his lovely knitted blanket he was given by the hospital when he was born. Sebastian is now 3 years old and his blanket is still treasured! 💙As you can see sebastian has marks on his hands, he was in NICU for a week at colchester lexden ward with suspected sepsis, not feeding and jaundice. Sebastian was 2 weeks over due and a 6 pounder! So not a preemie ! We have since found out sebastian has autism. Hes a very cheeky strong willed little boy :) xx

Nicola M

My baby boy was born at 32 weeks and I didnt see him for 3 days didnt hold him. I was given a bonding triangle o would swap over several times a day my only lifeline to my baby I couldn't hold. I have my triangles in a shadow box so I can see how far we have come. x

Hannah R

 I’ve only just come across this page after starting to learn to crochet and would like to help out making when I’m able.
I do feel however obliged to post just how much these mean to new Mums. I have a 11 and 8 year old who didn’t get anything like this unfortunately but I did get one for my now 10 month old. I remember feeling so touched that he got this adorable hat when he was first born that I even told the theatre staff how nice they were. Friends and family also commented on them. This hospital was Burton Hospital (I hope it’s ok to share that) and they even had a basket of hats and little cuddle blankets for sale on the ward. There was only one boy thing though sadly, but I got it anyway!
I still have both of the hats for him either to keep safe or to use if he has any children when he’s older.

Kel G

My little boy was only a little bit early (2.5 weeks) but he’s only tiny at 5lb 8oz and we were gifted a Beautiful handmade hat to keep him warm with at birth,I thought this was a truly lovely gesture and I will keep it for him to look back on when he is a big boy!Thank you to you kind ladies for making these little gifts possible,us mummies really do appreciate it!💙💙

Martine Boddie

 These projects are so amazing and a huge comfort in times of need. My little one was early and we were given blankets, hats and cardigans from the NICU ward he was on. Although I had bought baby stuff ready we were prepared for a much larger baby so nothing we had fitted him, so for them to have things the right size really helped us out. We were allowed to take home too so have kept them for his baby box. Just learning to crochet now for the sole reason or being able to do the same for someone else.


My tiny grandson was born nearly 5 weeks early two weeks ago (we are very lucky to have him ) he now weighs 4lb 11ozs and is doing very well 🥰 as you can see he is wearing a hand knitted hat given by the staff - these babies need lots of items to keep them warm x So a massive Thankyou to all you knitters for supporting this beautiful project xxx



Wanted to say thank you so much for everyone hard work and donations. Our little leap year baby arrived with none of our hats or cardigans being small enough for her. Thanks to everyone's donations we were able to keep her warm and get her temperature regulated so that we could get home to her big brother. I dont know of everyone realises how much their skill and time is appreciated in their donations! Xxx

I would like to say thank you to everyone who knits these little items. I would of never gave them a thought but my little Grandaughter needed hats and the cannula mit was a god send as it stops the cannula hitting her in the face when she moved her hand. We are all so grateful ❤️ 

As a mum of a little boy who spent 3 days in neonatal care , I would like to thank everyone who has knitted hats , blankets and cannula mitts. When my boy was born , I was given a hat as the one I had bought was too small . We ended up in neonatal ( even though he was a week overcooked) and needed antibiotics via a cannula . When the moved it from his foot to his arm we were given a Mitt to cover it . The mitts make it soo much safer for parents and babies. It means they are less likely to pull them out , and less likely to scratch their precious skin . It made me less worried about moving and dressing my boy . Thank you soo much.

In June 2006 we welcomed our daughter, born three weeks early with the cord round her neck and jaundice. Despite it being a heatwave she couldn't maintain her body temperature and we had no clothes small enough for her. We were so grateful for the hats and cardigans available in NICU and the transitional care ward. I am not a very fast knitter, preferring crochet, but I am slowly building up a pile of small hats to send. - Mummy Mags 💜

We truly have grown into a tight-knit community & we love it! Go on, whack the kettle on, you deserve a cuppa!

These donations have not only helped the recipients, but they have also helped the volunteers too! By volunteering to help our project, volunteers have shared just what an impact it's had on them too! Not only do they receive the truly rewarding feeling of helping those in need, but they are also connecting and sharing with like-minded people in our tight-knit community. We believe communities and projects like these benefit the mental health of those involved - in fact its been proven!

Below are some snippets of just how this project has impacted our volunteers & supporters across the globe. 

So we ask, if you cannot donate or knit, to simply share our story and help spread the word. 

This amazing project is helping loads of people. It helps our knitters by giving them a reason to knit, seeing the hundreds of items that arrive each week, the obvious love that goes into each stitch is clear.

It helps our babies, these little guys and girls are often in need of lots of medical help which is supplied by the wonderful facilities round the country. I am sure they feel the love built into the knitted goods.

It helps the parents who are often in need of feeling some love at a time when things are all a bit difficult. Their little baby is in need of help that they did not expect. Hopefully they too feel a little of the the love that went into the items knitted by The Warm Baby Project.


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