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Unless featured below, specific appeals may be closed at this time.
'Mini' appeals can be found on our Facebook page.  

Below is both a map and collection of our current appeals - please be sure to check what pieces we are requesting; either by clicking the links below the addresses or checking the images below the map. 


If you need any knitting guides, we have plenty on our Facebook & now on here! Once knitted, please set them aside for when we are back to normal. Once we are, you can simply drop your items to the closest appeal near you or  send them directly to an appeal address. 

And if you aren't a WBP knitter yet but you love knitting, you could be knitting for a cause!

Read more about becoming a WBP knitter here. 

Are you an official who's hospital or baby bank is in need of some help? Please contact us by filling in the form linked here!  Please note, we only accept appeal request from hospital/baby bank officials.

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